Designed for field-based professionals working with or without central co-ordination, the software provides a single pane of glass on which users can see a complete picture of their environment and share information. This leads to safer, more efficient and accurate operations and tasks.

“Our unit saw immediate impact when Airbox was deployed on an exercise, as training was simple and it provided an excellent mission planning capability. It was the only tool that offered consistent situational awareness of our team in remote areas”  - US Government Client  

Enabling our users to work faster and smarter

Enabling our users to work faster and smarter

Improved response time 38%
Increased presence on the ground 36%
Faster decision making 48%
Supporting field operatives in complex and demanding situations
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East of England Ambulance Service

Cambridgeshire, UK

The East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS) were an early adopter of Airbox's MOSAIC system. Needing to enhance the situational awareness, planning skills and connectivity of their crews, EEAS funded an initial batch of MOSAIC licences for specialist teams. The results were 'game changing' in the words of Jamie Fountain, EEAS' resilience manager and NILO. The control of emergency response exercises at all levels was significantly improved, and the 'timestamp' functionality proved invaluable in conducting post exercise reviews - recording what decisions were made, why and when. MOSAIC has shone as a rapid planning tool, catering for the 'what-ifs' that surround large gatherings, such as sports events, concerts, and demonstrations - especially considering Covid restrictions. MOSAIC has shown the way for EEAS to be more flexible, better prepared, and genuinely learn from experience as well as being seamlessly connected to their emergency response partners in the police and fire service.

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Multi Agency Interoperability 

“The benefit of using Airbox was quickly understood across the Specialist Operations Unit, the ability to share information in real-time during operations allowed us to act more effectively, enabling us to communicate with neighboring agencies and improve the response rate across all lifesaving forces.” – Sir Mark Rowley

Key Features

- Gives senior commanders an overview of multiple missions and operations running simultaneously across different geographic locations

- Allows Control Rooms to have enhanced situational awareness enabling them to run multiple teams and operations from any location

- Empowers operators to put users into teams where they can interactively share information to improve outcomes across land, sea and air

Use Cases

  • Low viz operations where signature management it critical
  • Coordination with partner nation forces
  • Multi-agency operations and exercise
  • Port and maritime security
  • Civil affairs missions
  • Surveillance training and operations
  • Supply chain management for energy and transportation sectors
  • Executive protection
  • PAI and open-source data visualization
  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) dissemination
  • Mission planning for global teams
  • UAS and Counter UAS Operations