High Risk Work Environments

The safety of site personnel and the speed and quality of incident resolution is paramount to our commercial clients. From mines to shopping centres, Airbox software enables clients to visualize incidents and act quickly and effectively.

Airbox MOSAIC can help protect commercial sites and employees against a wide variety of problems. These include medical emergencies, industrial accidents, fire and terrorism.

MOSAIC gives you one place to view all relevant information, tracking, video, sensor, HR and other data into one place. If an incident should occur, then watchkeepers can immediately see what’s going on, allocate appropriate resources, record decisions and ensure that the response is both fast and effective.

Enabling our users to work faster and smarter

Situational awareness software designed to save lives
+67% Increased personnel safety
+75% Increased dynamic execution
100% Informed common operating picture

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Our customers are people for whom safety and effectiveness in the field are paramount

Most commercial sites have existing tracking systems, sensor data and other information. Having a single pane of glass on which you can view all of your information is very important to response. Airbox’s dedicated Professional Services team will work with you to bring this data into MOSAIC. This team can also look at any unusual physical risks that your organisation faces and design software modifications to assist with those issues.


Critical National Infrastructure

A joined up approach between private industry and governmental emergency services can help mitigate some of the most serious situations; particularly terrorism, fire and major industrial accidents. Airbox can connect you more effectively with surrounding responders, allowing you to share information with them which will enable a faster,  more effective and safer response.